Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two are better than one

Today my family and I spent part of the day at Seaworld. I was praying for a chance to initiate with someone to share the gospel.  My amazing wife reminded me of a very important lesson about evangelism. Two are better than one. It has been a while since I have had someone with me while I've tried to initiate spiritual conversations. Her feedback made me more aware of my need to be direct and to speak from the heart. I had fallen into a certain patterns and approach's where I would just kind of go on autopilot.  Each person is different and we constantly need to be relying on the spirit. There is a reason why Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs.

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  1. Jared,

    Had to click over from Abby's.

    I wrote her a comment regarding talking about you with such respect, and then what do you know? I come over here, and you are doing the same thing. Nice. I think she is pretty "amazing" too!