Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who is Jesus?

I started walking towards a couple who were standing by their car because it had overheated. As I began to talk to them they shared that they were muslim.  We ended up talking for over an hour.  Tark grew up catholic and later on became a muslim.  Needless to say he had a very interesting perspective. We mainly discussed the differences between their view of Jesus versus the the Christian view.  It reinforced how the scriptures saying that the  "WORD was God" (John 1) radically changes everything.  It was a blessing to talk to this couple.  Please pray that Jesus would reveal himself to this couple.  I got their contact information so pray also that we could talk more.


  1. I'm glad you put this conversation up! I hope it shows others that there is openness and it is ours to initiate and speak truth! love you!

  2. We need not only the boldness today, but also the love, to talk to the Muslims around us. Good job.