Thursday, February 10, 2011

The man sitting by himself across the room...

Tonight after bible study I saw a man sitting by himself across the room. We meet at a sports bar so there are usually always people around to talk to. I prayed and God gave me the courage to respond to that Holy uncomfortable feeling so I went and talked with a man named Huey. Soon into our conversation he tells me that He is a Buddhist. He was very kind and allowed me to share the gospel with him. After I was done he shared his beliefs with me. After he finished I asked him several questions about his faith. Once question especially seemed difficult for him to answer. I asked if there is any concept of forgiveness in his belief system. He paused for a while and went on to explain that somehow your good works can outweigh the bad things you have done. After listening more I realized that his belief system did not have a good answer to the problem of sin. Jesus Christ is the only solution to the sin problem!  Please pray that God would open Huey's eyes to see the truth that Jesus is the only Way.

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