Thursday, February 24, 2011

You never know who your gonna meet...

You never know who your gonna meet walking alongside of the road. As I passed a young man walking alongside the road I felt that Holy uncomfortable feeling. So I ended up pulling over further up the road and waited for him to get to me. In these type of moments I realize just how foolish this would be if it wasn't for a God that calls us to be His ambassadors. If it wasn't for a God who values each individual life he has made. So God you have to take over because this is all about you. As I walk up to greet him I realize that he looks familiar. Over a year ago I stopped and talked to him and his friend outside of the gas station. He tells me that he just was in jail for 10 months and is kicked out of his house because he doesn't have rent money for his dad. Turns out he needs $25 in order to pay his dad so he can go back to his dad's house. I wrestled with what to do for him. So "Joe" ends up coming with me to bible study tonight and God provides the $25 he needs. On the way home "Joe" says that he really enjoyed the bible study and was glad I met up with him today. He wants to come back and also visit our church. What an amazing God we serve!  You never know how God can use you in someone's life, ... even a random guy walking along the side of the road.

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  1. I hope he made it back to visit. I like these kinds of stories. Read several of your posts and enjoyed them.

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