Friday, December 30, 2011

Crazy for Christ

t was around 9:00pm as I went into the grocery store. I saw a young man pass by and felt like maybe I should talk to him about the Lord, but instead I continued into the store. About 20 minutes later I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. To my surprise I caught a glimpse of someone walking along side the road. From what I could tell it was the same guy I saw before I went into the store. I had been praying for opportunities and the Lord didn't let me pass on this one. I confess though it was really easy to think of reasons why not to try. How do I even start talking  to this young man who is walking alongside the road late in the evening. Of course from a fleshly mindset it did not seem like a wise move to approach him. I drove around trying to find a good place where I could stop and meet up with him. I ended up parking in a burger king and then initiated as he was walking by.

The reason I shared all these details is to give God the glory because what proceeded could only have been from Him. The young man who's name was Luke ended up praying to receive Christ with me. This did not have anything to do with my ability or wisdom. This was about being obedient to the Spirit even if it seems a little crazy. Luke heart was soft and ready to receive Christ. There are so many opportunities we have each day to share the good news. We may never see the fruit but we are called to be ministers of reconciliation. This is not just for missionaries or pastors but for all believers.

Lord Jesus. Thank you for the privilege of being your ambassadors. Give us your heart and your eyes. Make us willing to be crazy for you so that you receive the Glory.


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